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Yes, I know it’s a long read, but I have to put this out there to cover my backside, and I seriously hope I have. So read on.

While visiting www.thetastychilli.com, hereinafter referred to as ‘this website’ or ‘this site’ or ‘my site’, you agree to and are bound by international laws to the following terms, conditions, cookie policy & disclaimer. If you don’t agree with the following, you will need to stop using this site. I will be sad to see you go, but this is basically how most websites operate. With that said, I do hope you stick around and keep coming back to enjoy all the recipes I have to offer now and in the future!


Except where expressly noted, all content on this site is my own intellectual property and is intended for informational purposes only. You may read / view / link to it on your own site or share it on social media using the social share buttons contained throughout this site. You may not  copy / paste or modify any content, photos or text contained within this site without my express written permission. Should I find any of my content in unauthorised places, I will take action. Ask my husband Sean, you don’t want me to do that.


While I do my utmost best to ensure the accuracy and integrity of recipes / information / facts provided on this site, all information on this site is provided ‘as is’, or to use the legal South African term, ‘voetstoots‘. In other words, I make no claim as to the accuracy or integrity of any information provided on this site or to the accuracy or integrity of any information provided by any 3rd party site linked to from within this site. I also offer no guarantee whatsoever as to the online availability of 3rd party websites linked to from within this site.


While I take all possible precautions to ensure the integrity and safety of this site, I also make no promises or assertions as to the integrity or availability of this site or any subsequent content within. I reserve the right to operate and publish this site as and when I choose. Should this site, in part or in whole, have been or in the future be unavailable for any reason and for any length of time, I accept no liability for any stress, mental anguish, losses or damages caused by or due to the lack of access to this site.  I also accept no liability for any stress or mental anguish concerning losses or damages to any computing devices used to access this site.


Where it appears I am are offering an opinion on a recipe, I am in fact doing just that, offering my opinion. All of the recipes I write about are based on my own personal first hand experience. It could be that if or when you decide of your own free will to try a recipe I publish, you might end up with a different result. If I say I recommend a recipe and you attempt the same recipe based on anything I may have said on this site and things don’t quite work out the same way, you cannot, to put it bluntly, sue or hold me liable in anyway for any stress, mental anguish, losses or damages howsoever caused.


Basically, you cannot sue or hold me liable for any cause whatsoever relating to the attempted or actual use of this site and the recipes contained herein as it was and is your free choice to visit or not to visit this site now, or at any point in the future.


Cookie / Privacy Policy


No, I do not leave literal cookies, such as chocolate chip, space cakes or fortune all over your device. Instead, I make use of very basic tracking cookies in order to deliver a more user friendly experience. ‘Cookies’ are in actual fact very small text files stored on your device so I can see which articles get read the most and by how many different visitors, and I can then publish more similar / successful content. 


In order to set the above mentioned cookies, I collect and keep the IP address you visited from, which will reveal your general location along with other non personally identifiable pieces of information, such as the device, browser and operating system that you use, unless you are using a VPN, which could make it look like you are in Singapore, when you are actually in Vancouver, sneaky sneaky. Google will then probably be showing you Asian related ads instead of Canadian because I do share your IP address with Google in order to show you more relevant ads based on your (apparent) location, unless you use an adblocker, which you have every right to do.


I also keep your email address when you either comment on an article or use my contact form but I cannot reply to your email address (which is never displayed publicly) even if asked to do so, in a public comment. To get in touch with me privately, you will need to use my contact form. For my newsletters I make use of Mailchimp, which is a 3rd party emailing service. Click here for their privacy policy. If you have subscribed to my newsletter, you may unsubscribe anytime using the link in every newsletter. You may also request that I manually delete any and all data about you at anytime. 


You may look at exactly what information is contained in any cookie left by any website as well as delete any or all cookies left on your device at any time. Consulting your device’s user instructions will tell you how to do this. Should you not agree with the use of cookies, you may prohibit your browser from accepting them altogether, which may in turn have a negative effect on your user experience, or you may want to consider not using the internet in general if you are worried about privacy.


But think about it this way. If you come and knock on the physical front door of my house, with or without an invitation, you cannot expect me to just forget you were ever there. So likewise, if you visit my website, I won’t normally forget ? Now what is done with that visitor information is another thing. In my case, I use it to provide you, the visitor to my website, with even better content. I will NOT ever sell that information to 3rd parties to influence political elections and/or referendums, or for any other reason. Apart from sharing your IP with Wordfence for security purposes and Google and other 3rd party sites like WordPress Jetpack for analytical purposes, I do not sell or give away your email, name or IP address, period. Together with my host (Siteground), I also do everything within my power to keep the little info I have on you safe.


Either way, if you have any questions or want further clarification about my privacy policy, or you are the EU privacy police and you think I am not complying, please do get in touch, because I myself have little idea of what I have just written about. With that said, if I don’t hear from anyone, I am going to assume everything is ok from my end and will stop worrying about all this nonsense and will continue getting on with my life.


Affiliates / Advertising Disclosure


Please take note that I participate in various affiliate programs on this site. I also display advertisements by Google AdSense. In other words, if you click on a link within this site that in turn offers you the opportunity to purchase something by redirecting you to a 3rd party site, such as Amazon.com and you in fact purchase something, I will earn a commission, at no extra charge to you. You are however in no way obliged to click on any affiliate link or to purchase anything through any affiliate link while using this site. You may continue to browse and enjoy this site for free for as long as this site remains online.


“I am a participant in the Amazon affiliate program. As an Amazon Associate I earn from qualifying purchases. Amazon and the Amazon logo are trademarks of Amazon.com”


Please be advised that I am in no way responsible for the guarantee / warranty of any products or services purchased through affiliate links published on this site.


Also, once you leave my site, I do not keep any record on my server of what you do on any 3rd party site, but they will. If I am an affiliate member of any 3rd party site, such as Amazon and Google Adsense, they will then share what you clicked on and bought with me, but that information remains on their servers. I have no control over what they keep and for how long, so ask them directly if you want to know more about their privacy policies.


I seriously hope the above terms / conditions / cookie / privacy policy / disclaimer / disclosure are more or less clear. If they are not and you have any questions or comments about the above Pulitzer Prize winning load of gibberish, please, click HERE.


I reserve the right to change these terms & conditions at any time and without any notice.

Have a nice day and Bon Appétit!

The Tasty Chilli Sabine

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