Easter is traditionally a time for celebrating and getting together with family and friends over a festive meal. It is also a time when people get together mostly in the morning, either after church, for going on an easter egg hunt, or just being together on this special day. Having an Easter brunch is the perfect time for families to get together and have a meal celebrating new seasonal spring produce like asparagus and strawberries.

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Whether you are hosting the brunch at your own home or you have been invited and are to bring some homemade meals to the brunch, it is the perfect time to brush up on some Easter brunch ideas.

So here is a collection of some of my favorite Easter brunch recipes with inspiration gathered from around the world.

Classic deviled eggs

deviled eggs on a grey plate with egg yolk stuffing mixture

These classic deviled eggs are a perfect choice to serve at an Easter brunch. They are quick to prepare with a creamy, tangy and deliciously good filling and can easily be made ahead of time. This all time crowd pleaser will disappear quickly from the table, so be sure to make enough.

Get the recipe: Classic deviled eggs

Cream cheese stuffed mini peppers

Cream cheese stuffed mini peppers yellow with a topping of green onions on a plate with sun flowers and a baking sheet with some more

These baked cream cheese stuffed mini peppers can be served either hot or cold, making them a great choice to serve for a brunch. The vibrant yellow color also displays perfectly for an Easter brunch, adding to the visual presentation as well as the festive atmosphere.

Get the recipe: Cream cheese stuffed mini peppers

Curried egg salad

curried egg salad spread on a few slices of dark bread with arugula lettuce

This vibrant and fresh curried egg salad is an interesting twist to your traditional egg salad. It’s creamy and flavorful and works well as a spread with any type of bread.

Get the recipe: Curried egg salad sandwich

Smoked salmon and scrambled eggs

top view of 3 slices of toast with scrambled eggs, sliced of smoked salmon, cherry tomatoes and chives on a wooden board

Fluffy scrambled eggs topped with silky slivers of smoked salmon and juicy tomatoes on toast will bring an Easter brunch to the same level as that of a scrumptious royal feast. Prepare the toast in advance or place all the ingredients separately on the table for each person to assemble their own eggs and salmon on toast.

Get the recipe: Smoked salmon and scrambled egg on toast

Prosciutto wrapped feta pepper poppers

view of half a grey plate with various halved yellow mini peppers with feta and ham, finished with pine nuts, green onion and parsley

These feta stuffed mini peppers wrapped with prosciutto are easy to prepare and also look very visually appealing. The yellow mini peppers are the perfect vibrant color to brighten up any Easter brunch buffet.

Get the recipe: Proscuitto wrapped mini pepper poppers with feta cheese

Strawberry stuffed French toast

long view of strawberry stuffed french toast on a white plate and a cup of coffee

This strawberry stuffed French toast recipe combines classic French toast with a luxurious filling of creamy mascarpone and vibrant, fresh strawberries. This dish will surely elevate any brunch buffet by adding a delightful sweet touch.

Get the recipe: Strawberry stuffed French toast

Ham and asparagus quiche

ham and asparagus quiche in a baking tray with a few green asparagus to the side

This ham and asparagus quiche is a wonderful spring recipe which makes it perfect as a light meal addition to an Easter brunch. The earthy green asparagus combined with the salty ham and creamy egg filling pairs beautifully with the flaky puff pastry resulting in a light, delicious dish.

Get the recipe: Ham and asparagus quiche

Asparagus omelet

omelette with green grilled asparagus on a flowered plate

This asparagus omelet recipe is a healthy and tasty meal that comes together quickly by simply wrapping fluffy eggs around grilled asparagus and then garnishing with a pinch of flaky sea salt and fresh parsley. It is perfect to serve as a filling meal for an Easter brunch celebration.

Get the recipe: Asparagus omelet

Spanish tomato bread with olive oil

blue plate with 3 slices of toast with grated tomato, olive oil, garlic and kosher salt

With its simple but honest flavors this pan con tomato or Spanish tomato bread adds a beautiful Mediterranean taste to any meal. The combination of crusty bread, ripe tomatoes and pungent garlic which is then drizzled with rich and fruity olive oil will complement a variety of dishes. Place some ready made tomato breads on the table or serve each of the ingredients individually for each person to prepare their own toast.

Get the recipe: Spanish tomato bread

Imitation crab dip

endive spears with imitation crab salad on a grey tile

This crab salad recipe, made with imitation crab sticks, is a creamy and refreshing dip which can also be served as a side salad or spread on toast. It also serves beautifully in endive spears or lettuce wraps.

Get the recipe: Imitation crab dip

Curried endive soup with apple

2 cups with curried Belgian endive soup with apple and parsley on a table

Curried endive soup is a festive and elegant soup recipe that highlights the distinctive taste of Belgian endives. It is perfect for making ahead of time and warming just before serving. Adding a few slices of apple to each cup will enhance the texture and taste which makes it a delicious addition to any Easter brunch.

Get the recipe: Curried endive soup with apple

Ham and cheese pinwheels

tortilla pinwheel roll-ups with ham and cream cheese on a long white plate

Ham and cheese pinwheels are a great appetizer to serve for any gathering or festive occasion. These bite-sized roll-ups are great to make ahead and refrigerate until you are ready to serve them.

Get the recipe: Ham and cheese pinwheels

Smoked salmon tartare

long view close up smoked salmon tartare with cucumber and capers

Delicate yet delicious, this smoked salmon tartare recipe is great to serve as a festive and scrumptious addition to any festive brunch. It’s a real crowd pleaser that can perfectly be made ahead of time. Serve on individual plates, in a small glass or on an amuse spoon.

Get the recipe: Smoked salmon tartare

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