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These recipes for camping food contain a great mix of dishes to be prepared on an open campfire while camping or for outdoor cooking in your backyard. Other recipes are for preparing camping meals on a basic camping stove. This selection of recipes will make camping and camp cooking that much more enjoyable.

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Mediterranean roasted vegetables in foil packets

Mediterranean roasted vegetables in foil packets

Roasted vegetables in foil are an easy to prepare side dish for any camping meal or summer barbecue. You can add Mediterranean flavours with a drizzle of olive oil, garlic, rosemary and dried Mediterranean herbs. Lots of people might wonder how to best roast...

BBQ Grilled potatoes in foil packets

BBQ Grilled potatoes in foil packets

Grilled potatoes in foil packets make a perfect BBQ side dish when cooking outdoors on the grill. These campfire potatoes with rosemary and garlic pair wonderfully with any type of grilled meat, fish or vegetables. When summer time is approaching, it's time to bring...

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